Look Up Look Out.                                                                     A Performance and a Walk through woodlands

LOOK UP LOOK OUT is an outdoor performance and a walk set in a woodland, designed for family audiences. We create a temporary world that you are are invited into – a place where trees can talk and where fairies, elves and gnomes are at home. Through movement, aerial, spoken word and storytelling we draw attention to the immediate landscapes and relay fun facts about trees and the importance of woodlands & forests.

LOOK UP LOOK OUT is the second chapter in an ecology series for children and families. Following the success of The Greenhouse, a show about the senses of plants which toured successfully internationally in 2021 and 2022, the series tries to raise awareness of our natural surroundings and our climate. LOOK UP LOOK OUT advocates for environmental stewardship and encourages wellbeing – motivating people to get outdoors.

The show has seen three very successful Research and Development Phases in 2022 and will be finished in late spring/ early summer 2023.


Show Credits
Choreographer & Director Sophie Nüzel 

Performers & Collaborators:

Matt Mulligan – performer

Alex Allan – aerialist & performer

Rosie Roberts – acrobat & performer

Jo Blake – storyteller & performer

Emily Fong – performer

Chris Yarnell – writer & performer

Sofie Layton – set consultancy

Andrea Carr – set designer

Madeleine Wilson – producer

Marie Nüzel – choreographic consultancy

Sophie Nüzel – choreographer & director

Photos by Rosie Powell

2023 © Sophie Nüzel.  All rights reserved.