Look Up Look Out.                                                                     A Performance and a Walk through woodlands

This show is an immersive woodland performance for children and their families. Squirrel, Fox, Deer and Owl invite audiences into their home. To visit the kitchen, have a snooze in the bedroom, watch TV in the living room or simply lounge and listen to the chattering trees wherever they see cushions laid out.They are welcome to wander and explore. It is up to the audience  to choose their own pathways and experiences.

Through dance, aerial, storytelling and song we bring the woodland alive and relay fun facts about trees and the importance of woodlands & forests.

LOOK UP LOOK OUT is the second chapter in an ecology series for children and families. Following the success of The Greenhouse, a show about the senses of plants which toured successfully internationally in 2021 and 2022, the series tries to raise awareness of our natural surroundings and our climate. LOOK UP LOOK OUT advocates for environmental stewardship and encourages wellbeing – motivating people to get outdoors and (re-)connect with their local woodland.

The show was commissioned by the Bright Foundation in 2023 and premiered at St Helen’s Wood, Hastings in August 2023.

We are currently looking for more woodlands and venues for this show. If you are interested in bringing your woodland alive please contact us on info@sophienuezel.com


Made by Sophie Nüzel

Performers: Amy Butler, Lisa Chearles, Ludo Helin, Tilly Lee-Kronick

Set Designer: Debs Mingham @Entify Projects  

Text and Lyrics: Jo Blake and Chris Yarnell

Sound and Song Support: Tara Franks

Photos and Film by Alice Underwood and Kerrie Wood Photo

2024 © Sophie Nüzel.  All rights reserved.